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I'm a London-based illustrator who loves architecture. I create cityscapes from a unique perspective, piecing them together building by building.

I grew up in the handsome walled city of Chester, where medieval structures rub shoulders with Roman ruins. I gained my Decorative Arts degree in Nottingham, where my love of illustrating architecture grew. In London, I spend my time looking up at our capital's beautiful buildings and trying to capture them on paper.


Lizzie Prestt Designs was born in 2009, my first products were screen printed tea towels and cushions. I expanded into ceramics, selling products at fairs and on websites such as

These days I work under the name Inky Stone. I mainly work on commissions – big or small – and continue to add to my own range and selling my drawings through galleries such as, EastEnd Prints.


I love what I do, and am always on the hunt for new and interesting projects – so if you have any bright ideas do get in touch.




ESSENTIALS magazine June 2011
EASY LIVING magazine December 2011
STYLIST magazine May 2012
LOOK magazine May 2012
PRIMA magazine June 2012
CLOSER magazine June 2012
YOU magazine July 2012

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